Energy support

To overcome the negative effects of rising electricity prices

Energy support

The Bulgarian Development Bank has developed a new product to support businesses with the unexpected increase of electricity prices. The bank provides businesses with the opportunity to defer their electricity costs for four consecutive months of their choice within 2022. They can apply for funding for future payments and unpaid invoices. The amount of funding will be based on the net value (after deduction of state compensation) of invoices for the electricity consumed in the period of January to December 2022, and the bank may cover up to 75% of the value of the relevant invoice. The minimum amount of the target loan is BGN 20,000 and the maximum — BGN 200,000.

From BGN 20,000 to BGN 200,000.

Up to 4 unpaid electricity bills

Up to 75% of the net invoice value

No collateral required

Eligibility criteria

✔ Businesses from all sectors of the economy are eligible.
✔ No collateral requirement for borrowers with good credit score. Owner co-borrowing for borrowers with riskier profiles.
✔ Funding available to businesses whose electricity costs are no less than 5% of operating costs and up to 20% of revenues.
✔ Funding available to businesses with a financial and business history shorter than two years.
✖ Businesses with unpaid taxes and compulsory social security contributions, as well as businesses in bankruptcy and insolvency are not eligible.

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