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BBR Factoring



  • BDB Factoring is a subsidiary company established in 2019, as part of the financial group of the Bulgarian Development Bank.
  • The company provides working capital for the business through the transfer of ownership of receivables (factoring), without the requirement for material security.


The focus of our activity:


  • We reduce intercompany indebtedness;
  • We help to accelerate the working capital of our customers;
  • We stimulate the development of the general economic, export and technological potential of the Bulgarian enterprises;
  • We support exporters and help them to realize their activity in new markets;
  • We complement the financial services offered by BDB to support entrepreneurship.
Financial Services:


  • Financing a percentage of each transferred trade receivable at the request of the supplier
  • Administrative and accounting management of the transferred trade receivables
  • Collection of receivables
  • Coverage of risk of non-payment by payers
How do we help business:


  • BDB Factoring offers factoring with and without recourse, export and domestic.
  • Partnering with first-class insurers and FCI (Factor Chain Interntional), the company offers the supplier not only reliable coverage of default risk, but also information about the financial condition of payers, an objective opinion on their creditworthiness and business sector analysis. The adequate procedure for out-of-court collection of receivables stimulates open communication with the payer, guaranteeing timely collection of receivables and low levels of arrears.
  • Lack of collateral stimulates an easy increase in the funding limit, which grows in proportion to the growth of your business.
  • Approval of limits starting from EUR 100,000 without an upper limit.
  • Factoring is a suitable product for any business, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Through it, the company can offer more liberal terms of deferred payment to its counterparties to increase its market share.
  • Factoring is also a tool for reducing trade receivables on the balance sheet (DSO) in order to achieve better financial performance - the so-called. Balance sheet effect.
Factoring with recourse:


Faoring without recourse:


  • Experts in sales, financial and legal analysis, banking and accounting.


Our partners:


  • BAEZ, Atradius and other first-class credit insurers.
    Together, we provide protection in case of non-payment of trade receivables (credit risk insurance) to our clients.