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About us:
  • BDB Leasing is a leasing company founded in 2019 as part of the financial group of the Bulgarian Development Bank.
  • The company is entered in BNB’s Register of Financial Institutions pursuant to Article 3a of the Credit Institutions Act and is a member of the Bulgarian Association for Leasing (BAL).
  • Our main mission is to support Bulgarian companies to develop their business, especially in priority sectors and regions, as well as to create an environment for sustainable development.


Our focus:
  • Accelerate the growth and volume of company activities in the field of innovation;
  • Create conditions for technological renewal of production facilities;
  • Facilitate access to finance for small and medium enterprises;
  • Support export and value-added sectors;
  • Finance priority sectors in the Bulgarian economy;
  • Complement the financial services offered by BDB to support entrepreneurship.


Assets we finance:
  • Production machinery and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Energy equipment, incl. RES
  • Real Estate

The production assets we finance can be both new and used. All of them should have a secondary market and retain their value over time.

Who are our customers (lessees)?

  • Bulgarian legal entities, both new and existing
  • Companies that have positive equity, good reputation, clear end beneficiary and source of income
    Lease Periods, Security and Deductible  


Finance lease period:


  • up to 8 years for assets other than real estate
  • up to 10 years for real estate
  • Deductible: min. 15% of the purchase value, depending on the valuation and type of asset





  • No additional security is required under the lease agreements
  • BDB Leasing finances only operations and transactions that meet the accepted ethical, legal, financial and environmental standards.


Our Team:


  • BDB Leasing has a team of experts in sales, financial analysis, asset valuation, insurance, supply negotiation and management, risk management, legal services, accounting and finance.





  • 2nd Floor, 10 Stefan Karadzha Str., 1000 Sofia
  • e-mail: Office-leasing@bdbank.bg  
  • Phone: +359 2 4529 444
  • Sales Department: +359 2 4529 440; 4529 441