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Stoyan Mavrodiev: BDB will invest at least 15% of its loan portfolio in environmental projects

This was announced by BDB CEO at the annual Central and Eastern Europe Forum in Vienna


As a national development bank, BDB plans to invest at least 15% of its loan portfolio in energy-saving and eco-innovation projects. This was announced by BDB CEO Stoyan Mavrodiev on the second day of the annual Central and Eastern Europe Forum held in Vienna. Today, he is taking part in a panel on building sustainable EU economy.
Undisputed success of BDB was the pilot National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings, Mavrodiev said. Thanks to the program, 2,021 buildings have been renovated in Bulgaria, which will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions - by nearly 309,000 tons a year. Over the next three years, the bank will focus on green investments, supporting projects for the production of clean energy from renewable sources, decarbonisation, eco-innovation, green municipal infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.
"The Bulgarian Development Bank will support the business in this direction even more actively," Stoyan Mavrodiev said during the forum in Vienna. According to him, in anticipation of the new European regulations, companies should be given the best chance to adapt. "BDB will support those who reduce their carbon footprint and are eco-oriented," Mavrodiev added. To share the risk of uncertain returns, the bank plans to offer guarantees and risk-sharing tools, as well as long-term loan resources to companies in the sector.
Stoyan Mavrodiev explained that the development banks in Europe will play a key role in the green investment program of the European Commission, EIB and national governments. Furthermore, changes in the national legislations will be made to stimulate the ecological development of the economy and energy.
During the forum, BDB also organized a special workshop on investing in Bulgaria entitled "Invest in Bulgaria - expand in Europe". The seminar presented the investment environment in Bulgaria, the priorities for the development of sustainable financing and the opportunities for future growth and integration in the region.