Panaiot Filipov

Panaiot Filipov graduated from the UNWE with a Master’s Degree in Economics and specialized in stock exchange at Delaware University in Bulgaria. In 1998, he was awarded Broker No. 1 on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with the largest number of transactions for the year.

He joined the banking sector in 2001 and until 2008 he held various positions in EI Bank, DZI Bank, where he was also a member of the Management Board, as well as in Piraeus Bank Bulgaria. In 2012, he took over management functions at the Municipal Bank. In 2014, Panaiot Filipov was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the insurance joint stock company “OZK – Insurance” and in 2017 he became the Executive Director and member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency (BAEZ). In April 2020 Panaiot Filipov was elected Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank

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