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  • Kosovo Houses

    The small village of Kosovo, where a complex of traditional Bulgarian houses with over 150 years of history, is hidden deep in the Rodopi Mountain. As cultural and historic monuments, the houses have preserved the authentic architecture and spirit of the Bulgarian Renaissance. In the past, some of the buildings had served for public purposes, such as schools. Others are highly valued for their architecture specifics, brought by pioneers in the Bulgarian 19th century, such as the great Renaissance master – Hadji Georgi Stanchovski.

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  • Aeroplanes DAR

    The history of these planes began during royal times. DAR, a state-level aircraft workshop was founded by King Ferdinand in 1917 in the service of the National Air Force. In the 1990s, an engineer and enthusiast Tony Iliev decided to restore the work of the legendary workshop and started the production of Bulgarian ultra light aircrafts.

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