BDB with two representatives in management of Three Seas Investment Fund

BDB Executive Officers Nikolay Dimitrov and Panayot Filipov will represent Bulgaria in the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. They were elected at a general meeting of the Fund. Nikolay Dimitrov will be a member of the Supervisory Board and Panayot Filipov will be a member of the Management Board of the Investment Fund, which will provide part of the necessary funding to strengthen cooperation between member states in the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea regions.

In December 2020, BDB became a Class A shareholder in the Fund with a cash contribution of EUR 20 million. The Three Seas Initiative aims to improve transport, energy and digital connectivity in the region. It is expected to become a real instrument for social and economic cohesion in Europe to compensate for the differences in development within the individual regions of the EU.

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