15.04.2022 BDB’s new products were presented at the Forum “Responsible Manufacturers”

The Fourth Annual Forum “Responsible Producers”, organized with the support of the Bulgarian Development Bank, enabled food and beverage producers, FMCG and Retail companies to share experiences in tackling inflation and supply chain disruptions during the crisis and in achieving growth.

The Bulgarian Development Bank took an active part in the forum and presented its new products and opportunities to support small and medium-sized businesses in these difficult economic conditions. In recent months, BDB has developed and launched several products aimed at sectors and companies that are experiencing difficulties in financing from commercial banks.

“The goal of BDB is not to compete with other banks for clients, but to support sectors that are experiencing problems. We also support companies that have less collateral, are in arrears or are at a loss. With our products we help them provide liquidity.” This was explained by the Executive Director of BDB, Vladimir Georgiev, during a meeting with producers, traders and industry associations organized by the “Manager” magazine.

The war in Ukraine has put additional pressure on businesses, which is why this month BDB developed and launched a special product to serve as a buffer against rising inflation. This new program grants working capital to producers who want to secure raw materials to withstand inflationary pressures and reduce the rise in prices of their products. The product has a limit of BGN 200,000.

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