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BDB supports opening of unique museum in Rhodope Mountains

Село Стойките е център на гайдарската традиция, както и рождено място на много прочути гайдари.

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„Wonders of Bulgaria“

The Bulgarian Development Bank supports the campaign "Wonders of Bulgaria". The event is held annually at the initiative of the "Standard" newspaper and aims to popularize the Bulgarian cultural and historic heritage and promote the domestic tourism within the country.

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“Ludogorie” National folk fair

The Bulgarian Development Bank recognizes the preservation and promotion of the Bulgarian spiritual, cultural and historic heritage as a mission. The Bank supports initiatives furthering its objective, such as the Ludogorie National Folk Fair, held in 2015 in the Pchelina area.

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"Grand Hotel Bulgaria“ Exhibition

The Bulgarian Development Bank organized a photo exhibition with archival footage of the construction process of the financial institution. The exhibition takes place at 1, Dyakon Ignatiy St. and is conducted on the occasion of the initiated construction of the new headquarters of the bank in the capital. The project fully preserves the authentic facade of the building from the late 19th century, which was declared a cultural monument of regional importance.

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Book and exhibition “Kolyo Ficheto – the Master of Bridges“

Bulgarian Development Bank and “Bulgarian Fame” Association have developed the joint initiative “Kolyo Ficheto – the Master of Bridges” to promote the personality and achievements of the great Bulgarian constructor, architect and sculptor. The project includes an exhibition and publication of a homonymous book with the most famous works of the master.

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Book-album „Vasil Levski“

The Bulgarian Development Bank has supported the publishing of a book-album devoted to the activity and life of Vasil Levski. The authors of the book are the General Bulgarian Committee and Foundation “Vasil Levski”. The book represents an album with paintings of the Apostle by Dechko Uzunov, Vasil Stoilov, Nikola Kozhuharov, Kalina Taseva, etc.

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