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The Three Seas Initiative is a political project designed to promote cooperation in infrastructure development in the energy, transport and digital sectors. The initiative involves 12 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Mini Conference „Equity investments in infrastructure and innovation in Three Seas“

The event will address opportunities and challenges related to investing in infrastructure along with practical examples from the experience of the 3SIIF.

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Mapping out Tomorrow's Infrastructure

The Bulgarian Development Bank took part in the preparation of the book "The Three Seas Road", dedicated to the sixth summit and the business forum of the initiative.
The bank's team prepared an article focusing on the expected effects of targeted and coordinated encouragement of investments in transport and digital infrastructure, as well as on the post-pandemic economic recovery.

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Investment Fund

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is an investment vehicle to finance key infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region: transport, digital and energy infrastructure. Its exclusive investment advisor is Amber Infrastructure Group (Amber), a specialist international manager focused on investment origination, asset management and fund management.

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The initiative in numbers

countries participating in initiatives
million European citizens living in the region
summits held so far
EUR 100 billion expected investment from Fund "Three Seas"

News related to the "Three Seas" initiative

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Iliya Lingorski: “The success of Three Seas will make Europe the largest and most developed economy in the world.”

The success of the Three Seas initiative will turn Europe and the EU sustainably into the largest and most developed...

See more ➔ 09.06.2021

Joe Phillips: Bulgarian companies are already showing interest with port projects

Joe Phillips, Head of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund, talks to "Capital"

See more ➔ 25.05.2021

Joe Phillips for the first investments in the "Three Seas" initiative in an interview with BNT

Joe Phillips, Investment Director at Amber Infrastructure Group, exclusive investment advisor to the Three Seas Fund in...

See more ➔ 25.05.2021
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