On-lending Program "BROD"

On-lending Program "BROD"

Bulgarian Development Bank offers indirect financing for small and medium-sized enterprises through commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions, which are partners of BDB.

The message of the new BGOL Program is "BDB for Growth, Optimization and Long-Term Investments".

The budget of the Program is EUR 20 million with the possibility to increase it by another EUR 20 million subject to the successful placement of the initially approved resource. The maximum amount of funding to BDB partners is EUR 5 million and the exposure to a group of related parties is up to EUR 300,000.

The maximum funding period is 10 years with a grace period of up to 5 years.

The interest rate is based on 6M EURIBOR + 3.5% /350 BPS/ per annum calculated on Actual/360 basis, but not less than 3.5% /350 BPS/ per annum.

Starting budget of the program: EUR 20,000,000

Target group of recipient partners: commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions

Purpose and goals: long-term targeted financing, opportunity to obtain a loan at attractive interest rates.

Maximum amount of funding: up to EUR 5,000,000


For queries and additional information:

External Programs Management

Email: externalprogrammes@bdbank.bg

Phone: 02/9306 391, 02/9306 364

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