Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) is a credit institution 100%-owned by the Bulgarian state. It was established in 1999 as the Encouragement Bank with main focus to support small and medium-sized enterprises. BDB is among the top four Bulgarian banks in terms of credit rating, rated "BBB" with a positive outlook by Fitch Ratings.

Implements special mandates of the Bulgarian government: anti-crisis measures to overcome the negative consequences of COVID-19; the National Energy Efficiency Program, etc.

For over 20 years, there has been a unique experience for the Bulgarian banking system in offering medium-term and long-term financing and risk sharing through guarantee schemes.

Implements investments in key sectors of the economy: energy efficiency, infrastructure, agriculture, urban development, exports.

It is the only Bulgarian bank to provide direct financing as well as financing via other credit institutions. BDB is the best-positioned local bank to raise funds from international partners.

Its subsidiaries are the National Guarantee Fund, which issues guarantees for bank loans to the non-financial sector; BDB Microfinancing, which provide financing to SMEs and start-ups; the Capital Investments Fund as well as the BDB Leasing and BDB Factoring.

Focus of Our Efforts

  • Start-ups and innovations
  • Exporters of finished goods
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Extractive industries
  • Agriculture and Tourism
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