успешни проекти

Successful projects

Solar and wind energy with a Bulgarian patent

It is hard to imagine but the data is categorical – over a billion and a half people worldwide still live without electricity. In order to get warm and to prepare food, an enormous number of people in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia mostly burn wood and... dung. This causes massive deforestation and exacerbates the climate change that the planet is desperately trying to overcome.

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To make your first steps in line with fashion

There is a fashion trend in the footwear for children which creates practical, comfortable and aesthetic models. This is the vision relied upon by Kolev and Kolev brand which is well recognizable on the Bulgarian market.

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The realized bulgarian dream

Just with its first deal, BDB’s Capital Investment Fund made an ambitious bid for success

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Belana exports its products to 25 countries

"The main key to success is finding the right partners," says Kalin Ionov, CEO of the company. "We received strong financial support from BDB, with which we were able to modernize production and refinance on good terms the previous loan. With that, we entered the 21st century industry strong."

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Mussel fantasies near Kavarna

The Dalboka Mussel Farm is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. In 1994 Veselin Prokopiev submerged the first mussels underwater, and a year later they were already about 30 tons.

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Let's switch to the next channel

Sports, movies, music, news and, of course, kids channels. We can hardly imagine life today without the TV channels whose programs take us to different points in time and space.

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