ALL / 4 / SME On-lending Program

ALL / 4 / SME On-lending Program

The Bulgarian Development Bank offers indirect financing by providing credit facilities to leasing companies in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises. The starting budget of the ALL / 4 / SME Program is EUR 30 million. The maximum amount for credit facilities provided to on-lending partners is EUR 3 million.

The maximum repayment period for the credit facilities, including utilization, current and final repayment, is up to 10 years. The interest rate to the leasing companies is charged based on a 3-month EURIBOR plus a margin of up to 4 points per year.

Starting budget of the program: EUR 30,000,000

Target group of funding recipient partners: companies that have lease as their main scope of economic activity

Purpose and objectives: providing a long-term credit resource under such conditions that allow greater and more attractive access to the operating lease service in favor of the business of small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria

Maximum loan limit: up to EUR 3,000,000

See more details about the program here (available only in BG)

For any questions and additional information:
External Programs Division
Phone: 02/9306 391, 02/9306 364

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