BACB is first to begin financing under BDB’s updated program to assist companies affected by the pandemic

The Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) is the first bank that will grant loans under the BDB’s updated guarantee...

See more ➔ 18.10.2021

BDB Leasing with a new program for financing micro, small and medium enterprises up to BGN 2.2 million.

BDB Leasing, a subsidiary of the Bulgarian Development Bank, presents a new program to support micro, small and medium...

See more ➔ 08.10.2021

Bulgarian Development Bank provides financing for photovoltaic plants

The Bulgarian Development Bank will finance the construction of photovoltaic power plants for business needs. The new...

See more ➔ 07.10.2021

Fitch confirms BBB rating for BDB with a positive outlook

International rating agency Fitch confirmed the Bulgarian Development Bank’s long-term credit rating as BBB with a...

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Tsanko Arabadzhiev and Ilia Lingorski from BDB join the management of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund

In Luxembourg, they presented a proposal for the creation of an innovation fund under the Initiative BDB's Executive...

See more ➔ 30.09.2021

BDB with a new program in support of small and medium business, creative industries and startups

The Bulgarian Development Bank has launched a new program with the support of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund, which...

See more ➔ 28.09.2021

BDB supports the debut of an international documentary film festival in Bulgaria

The first edition of the Rhodope International Film Festival will take place between September 16 and 21 on an open...

See more ➔ 07.09.2021

BDB will support the Startup World Cup Bulgaria 2021

Which is the best startup project in our country? This will be determined on 19 November in Plovdiv, when the Startup...

See more ➔ 31.08.2021

BDB will work to create an innovation fund for the Three Seas Initiative

Iliya Lingorski, Chief Economist of the Bulgarian Development Bank, in the show "The World is Business" on Bloomberg TV

See more ➔ 30.08.2021

Jivko Todorov talks to Forbes about sustainable partnerships, high efficiency and principles

Interview with the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Development Bank for the series Forbes Men 2021 - Men on Top

See more ➔ 25.08.2021

The Green Deal is a great chance for our country

The Green Deal is a great chance for our country. It can be the catalyst we need to accelerate the economic growth and...

See more ➔ 17.08.2021

BDB continues to work in support of businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis

BDB continues to provide liquidity and security to companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, the businesses...

See more ➔ 16.08.2021
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