Assoc. Prof. Rosen Karadimov, PhD: BDB will consult with businesses for offering adequate financing

He recalled that the task of the Development Bank is to create an environment to support small and medium businesses.

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BDB’s Advisory Board held founding meeting with participation of nationally representative employers' organizations

The nationally representative employers' organizations expressed their readiness to advise the management of the...

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BDB Supervisory Board met with leaders of Podkrepa Labor Confederation and Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (KNSB)

The opportunities for interaction between trade unions and the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) were discussed today by...

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BDB Microfinance with new partnership to support social enterprises and start-ups

BDB Microfinance, the Fund of Funds and the Municipal Guarantee Fund for SMEs with the Metropolitan Municipality have...

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Iliya Karanikolov, Chairperson of the Management Board of BDB: BDB will position itself as a serious player in the banking market

The bank will provide bridge financing to projects under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan

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The Bulgarian Development Bank Group and UniCredit Bulbank continue their successful cooperation

The two institutions signed a guarantee agreement for business financing

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Rosen Karadimov: BDB can offer financing according to the region in order to overcome imbalances

The bank is developing eight bridge financing programs under the Recovery Plan

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An Advisory Council to BDB is being established with the participation of the nationally representative employers' organizations

In accordance with the publicly announced intentions, BDB’s Supervisory Board invited the nationally representative...

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The Bulgarian Development Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange are establishing a pilot investment fund to support small and medium-sized companies

Сред целите на фонда е и тестването на пазара и инвестиционния интерес

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The new Executive Directors of BDB have officially taken office

The Management Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank was officially supplemented by two new members.

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BDB will support businesses for technological upgrading of production facilities

BDB Leasing from the Bulgarian Development Bank Group has launched a new product for technological upgrading of...

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Iliya Karanikolov and Ivan Cerovski join Bulgarian Development Bank’s Management

Banker Iliya Karanikolov and private equity expert Ivan Cerovski join the management of Bulgarian Development Bank. Both...

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