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National Guarantee Fund

The National Guarantee Fund was established in 2008 as a part of the Bulgarian Development Bank Group to improve the market lending conditions. The Fund issues guarantees complementing the collateral, required by the commercial banks, thus increasing the number of companies eligible for bank...

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Successful Projects

In fulfilling its mission in support of Bulgarian business, the Bulgarian Development Bank has always promoted the process of conversion to a circular economy, the use of alternative energy sources and the energy saving.

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International Partners

International Investment Bank

BDB received EUR 20 million from the International Investment Bank for financing small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria. The funds are provided for a period of 7 years and may be used for both direct financing of beneficiaries and for funding business support programmes implemented by the...

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Interest index
1M EURIBOR -0,543
3M EURIBOR -0,507
6M EURIBOR -0,498
1M LIBOR USD 0,14575
3M LIBOR USD 0,21575
6M LIBOR USD 0,25188
Exchange rates
Currency Fixings
EUR 1,95583
USD 1,65021
GBP 2,15509
CHF 1,82532
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1,95 1,96
USD 1,623477 1,6720929
GBP 2,146122 2,1929601
CHF 1,7914195 1,8471024
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1,949 1,961
USD 1,622477 1,6730929