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BBR Leasing

A leasing company part of the BDB's financial group with the main mission to support Bulgarian companies to develop their business, as well as to create an environment for sustainable development.

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BBR Factoring

A company that carries out transactions for transfer of receivables arising from the supply of goods or provision of services (factoring).

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Capital Investments Fund

A company providing equity for the growth of SMEs in the country. The fund's shareholding is minority, up to 34% of the capital of the company that it invests in.

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Interest index
1M EURIBOR -0.563
3M EURIBOR -0.545
6M EURIBOR -0.527
1M LIBOR USD 0.1265
3M LIBOR USD 0.24125
6M LIBOR USD 0.24788
Exchange rates
Currency Fixings
EUR 1.95583
USD 1.61319
GBP 2.19897
CHF 1.81012
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.95 1.96
USD 1.5859 1.6299
GBP 2.1803 2.2276
CHF 1.7834 1.8351
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.949 1.961
USD 1.5849 1.6309