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Capital Investments Fund

Capital participation in SMEs and stat-ups aimed at increasing their competitiveness, securing resources for Research & Development activities, enhancing the production capacity, providing financing prior to raising capital from the regulated market and utilizing EU funds; Priority...

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Successful Projects

Pacific salmon 45 km away from Sofia towards the Borovets ski resort. It sounds like a joke, but it is not. The quirky idea is already being implemented in the village of Gorni Okol, Samokov Region, with the support of the Bulgarian Development Bank.

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International Partners

Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

In 2006 BDB received a EUR 10 million credit line from Japanese Bank for International Cooperation with the cooperation of Mizuho Bank. The funds were used to finance projects of small and medium-sized enterprises to the purchase of Japanese investment equipment. In December 2009 BDB signed a...

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Interest index
1M EURIBOR -0.511
3M EURIBOR -0.486
6M EURIBOR -0.428
1M LIBOR USD 0.158
3M LIBOR USD 0.26475
6M LIBOR USD 0.33675
Exchange rates
Currency Fixings
EUR 1.95583
USD 1.65286
GBP 2.16418
CHF 1.81364
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.95 1.96
USD 1.608 1.6935
GBP 2.1299 2.1965
CHF 1.7908 1.8432
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.949 1.961
USD 1.607 1.6945