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BDB Factoring

Offers full range of services aimed at improving, stimulating and developing the overall economic, export and technical potential of the Bulgarian enterprises, divided into two pillars; Factoring on the Bulgarian market to support SMEs accelerating working capital’s turnover;...

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Successful Projects

The history of these planes began during royal times. DAR, a state-level aircraft workshop was founded by King Ferdinand in 1917 in the service of the National Air Force. In the 1990s, an engineer and enthusiast Tony Iliev decided to restore the work of the legendary workshop and started the production of Bulgarian ultra light aircrafts.

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International Partners

Nordic Investment Bank (NIB)

In November 2004 BDB and NIB signed a loan agreement for the amount of EUR 10 million for the financing of investment projects of mutual interest for the Republic of Bulgaria and the member states of NIB (Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Finland, Republic of Iceland, Kingdom of Norway and Kingdom...

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Interest index
1M EURIBOR -0.463
3M EURIBOR -0.392
6M EURIBOR -0.333
1M LIBOR USD 1.65338
3M LIBOR USD 1.80213
6M LIBOR USD 1.8295
Exchange rates
Currency Fixings
EUR 1.95583
USD 1.75963
GBP 2.30016
CHF 1.82056
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.95 1.96
USD 1.7379 1.7848
GBP 2.2811 2.3301
CHF 1.7917 1.8413
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.949 1.961
USD 1.7369 1.7858