The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

In 2003 CEB extended its first credit line to BDB in the amount of EUR 15 million under the programme „Job Creation and Maintenance for SME’s in Bulgaria“. The loan has been fully utilised for investment projects of Bulgarian companies for more than 30 million euros.

A second loan agreement between CEB and BDB was signed in November 2009. The loan is for the amount of EUR 15 million. The funds will be used for financing of investment projects of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the real sector, creating new and preserving existing jobs, as well as for financing of craftsmen and family entrepreneurs.

In March 2011 a third Loan agreement was signed between the Council of Europe Development Bank and Bulgarian Development Bank for the amount of EUR 20 million. The funds reached the Bulgarian business through direct investment loans, with the aim to facilitate the access to financing of Bulgarian small and medium enterprises, and to create new and to preserve the existing jobs.

In February 2016, Bulgarian Development Bank signed a Loan Agreement with the Council of Europe Development Bank in the amount of EUR 150 million. The funds were used for financing Energy efficiency measures and constructive measures in the Framework of the National program for energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings. The loan was used for renovation of multi-family buildings and is secured with state guarantee under the Guarantee Agreement signed between the CEB and the Ministry of Finance. The National Programme for Energy Efficiency was adopted with a decision of the Council of Ministers from 27 January 2015.

In July 2023, BDB signed a financial contract with the Council of Europe Development Bank in the amount of EUR 175 million to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including green projects. The loan will be used for the support of Bulgarian SMEs, for jobs creation, for environmental protection and for improvement of living conditions in urban and rural areas. The loan has been provided with a state guarantee of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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