06.04.2022 BDB to help firms against rising inflation

With the working capital loans, companies can buy goods and raw materials that are expected to rise in price as a result of the crisis

The Bulgarian Development Bank is offering small and medium-sized enterprises a new product to overcome the negative effects of the prolonged increase in inflation and rising prices of basic goods and services. The Programme provides working capital loans of up to BGN 200 thousand for companies that want to purchase raw materials at current prices and thus prevent higher costs in the future. This will help them to hold down the price of the final product they produce without anticipating a recent increase.

The BDB programme is open to companies from all sectors of the economy. The condition is that they must be viable enterprises, and applicants with lower credit ratings are also eligible.

The volume of the programme is BGN 10 million and the loans to be granted under it - credit facilities and overdrafts - will be unsecured. The bank will guarantee its receivables by means of co-debtorship from the owners or another company.

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