13.06.2022 BDB organizes the conference “Three Seas: Equity Investment in Infrastructure and Innovation”

Today, the Bulgarian Development Bank, together with the Three Seas Investment Fund (3SIIF) and the investment consultant Amber Infrastructure, organized a conference entitled “Equity Investment in Infrastructure and Innovation.” The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Sofia hotel and was opened by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer and the Executive Director of the BDB, Tsanko Arabadzhiev, who is also a member of the Supervisory Board of 3SIIF.

The panel discussion was also attended by members of parliament, the deputy chairs of the Financial Supervision Commission, Vladimir Savov and Maria Filipova, representatives of social security and insurance companies, equity investment funds, and their professional associations. 

“With the Three Seas initiative and its investment fund, global and local institutional investors are receiving new opportunities to invest their funds in a diverse portfolio of regional infrastructure assets,” said Minister Daniel Lorer at the opening of the forum. According to him, Bulgaria is fully committed through its development bank to support the unfolding of the fund’s operations in the entire region, in close cooperation both with the private sector and with public authorities. The goal is to unlock the potential for investments in inspiring ideas and projects. The BDB has been a Class A shareholder in 3SIIF for almost two years now.

“This is not just a great investment opportunity, but also a platform for knowledge sharing and discovery of new models of cooperation,” emphasized the Executive Director Tsanko Arabadzhiev. He added that the dialogue about resolving the regulatory challenges and encouraging direct contacts will additionally unlock the existing potential and business ideas.

The Three Seas Investment Fund is a powerful tool that will allow all participating countries to accelerate the economic recovery and development of the region through private investment in large-scale projects in the transport, energy, green, and digital sectors,” said Tsanko Arabadzhiev.

The fund is expected to help overcome the existing “internal barriers in the EU” by uniting public and private capital for investments in infrastructure and innovative economic development.

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