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Mussel fantasies near Kavarna

The Dalboka Mussel Farm is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. In 1994 Veselin Prokopiev submerged the first mussels underwater, and a year later they were already about 30 tons.

Later he established the famous restaurant near Kavarna.It was difficult for the business to take off because no bank wanted to fund maritime activities.

The entrepreneur studied the conditions in BDB and became a client. "I am pleased because things here happen with no waste of time. My loan is agreed under excellent terms", says Prokopiev.

The bank's support gave him the confidence to gain funding under various European projects. He is now planning to develop stationary farms, grow oysters, and start cultured fish farming.

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    120 years of history and a brand known to all generations of Bulgarians. This is the brief introduction to one of the most powerful manufacturers of featherweight paper and sanitary products produced from it in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula - Belana.

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  • We think big and we build roads

    With the financial support of the Bank, highways, new and rehabilitated roads from the national road network are being built.

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