What are the documents for self-insured persons?

Is there a sample document certifying my registration as a self-employed person?

Self-insured persons within the meaning of the Social Security Code are: persons registered as exercising free professions and / or crafts; persons exercising labor activity as sole traders, owners or partners in commercial companies, and natural persons - members of impersonal companies; the persons who are taxed by the order of art. 26, para. 7 of the Personal Income Tax Act; the farmers and tobacco producers, registered according to the respective order (art. 4, para. 3, item 1, item 2, item 4 of CSR).

Each person belonging to any of the listed groups must certify to the bank this quality, as well as his registration with the NRA. Please note that in order to cease operations due to Kovid-19, the person must be registered as a self-employed person beforehand. The registration document is available in the portal for electronic services of the NRA and can be found at the following link - Declaration for registration of a self-insured person.

Are the registration document and the Declaration for discontinued operation of self-insured persons the same document?

Yes, the pattern is the same. In case of interruption of the activity you must fill in the declaration within 7 days from the interruption and submit it to the NRA. It can be submitted electronically if you have a PIC (personal identification code), as well as on paper by mail or at a NRA office.

What are the criteria for a 20% drop in income?

They depend on the type of profession or work activity. The starting point will be the submitted annual tax return for 2019. Through the currently submitted documents to the NRA, the created primary and / or secondary accounting documents, receipts / statements for received remunerations / fees, etc. for 2019 and 2020 will be calculated whether there is decrease compared to the previous year. You declare that there is an established decrease of 20% in your income in your loan application, which is according to the model provided to you by the commercial bank. Attach to it all the documents that prove the decline in income.



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