European Investment Bank (EIB)

In October 2000, BDB signed a financial contract with the European Investment Bank in the amount of EUR 10 million for long term investment projects of small and medium enterprises. The total of the loan investments amounted to 21 million euros.

In December 2009 a second credit line was concluded between BDB and EIB in the amount of EUR 25 million for financing investment projects and working capital of Bulgarian SMEs. The loan was fully utilised for projects of Bulgarian companies for 63 million euro.

In November 2016, BDB signed a new loan with European Investment Bank in the amount of EUR 150 million to finance projects promoted by SMEs and Mid-Caps in Bulgaria. The funds are provided with the support of the EU budget guarantee under the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the financing component of the Investment Plan for Europe – the Junker Plan. This is the first EIB transaction in Bulgaria benefitting from the support of the EU budget guarantee under the Junker Plan. The aim of the loan agreement is to improve the access of SME and Mid-Cap companies to long term finance under more favourable terms.

Part of the EIB funds will support innovative projects. Another part of the financing will be focused on projects undertaken in areas with high unemployment rate, under the Youth Employment Initiative or implemented by companies at start-up stage. A large part (minimum of 50%) of the loan will be allocated through banks - partners or other financial intermediaries.

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