Support for the “Study in order to work“ campaign

The national campaign “Study in order to work” aims to support Bulgarians in overcoming the gap between labour supply and demand in the country. This gap is becoming wider with each passing year since business suffers from a significant shortage of professional qualified staff. This problem is set to worsen over the next 10-15 years due to the retirement of aging employees and the lack of well-trained replacements. Meanwhile, schools provide a large number of employees, who find it difficult to secure professional development.

The campaign is organized by “24 hours” newspaper and provides an opportunity for large-scale debates on the topic and the development of a

  • map of the current professional high schools by regions and professions
  • map of personnel, as projected to be required by Bulgarian businesses by 2030.

The second map will cover a broad national research which is going to be organized with the support of the nationally represented employer organizations and will provide a vision of the labour market trends by 2030. The businesses, as well as the employees are set to draw huge benefits from that (including students and their parents).

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Българска банка за развитие награди Атанас Атанасов със специална награда в категория „Млади откриватели“

Студентът от Нов Български Университет Атанас Атанасов взе специалната награда на Българска банка за развитие в категория „Млади откриватели“ от кампанията „Научните чудеса на България“.

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Development banks from 13 countries presented their projects at a photo exhibition in Sofia

BDB presented in the Sofia City Garden a photo exhibition dedicated to key projects supported by development banks and public financial institutions from around the world.

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