Book and exhibition “Kolyo Ficheto – the Master of Bridges“

Bulgarian Development Bank and “Bulgarian Fame” Association have developed the joint initiative “Kolyo Ficheto – the Master of Bridges” to promote the personality and achievements of the great Bulgarian constructor, architect and sculptor. The project includes an exhibition and publication of a homonymous book with the most famous works of the master.
The exhibition took place in October – November 2013 in the garden of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, showcasing photos of 20 completely or partially preserved architectural sites of the great master constructor. The large-scale photos of bridges, churches and monasteries are arranged in an exposition and present the most impressive works of Kolyo Ficheto.
During the inauguration of the exhibition, the homonymous book was also presented. The almanac compiled by Dr. Goran Blagoev and the chairperson of the MC of the association Antonia Dimitrova presents the life and work of the master. The photos of the project were made by Tsvetan Blagoev.

“The personality of the ingenious constructor Kolyo Ficheto and his unique constructions had undeservedly remained in the periphery of the attention of Bulgarian society. That is why I am extremely grateful to the Bulgarian Development Bank and the History Museum in Dryanovo for the support they have provided for the realization of the project. This is the first comprehensive photographing of all preserved sites of Kolyo Ficheto for the last 13 years, and the first such project since the issuance of the BAS almanac (2000) devoted to the 200th anniversary from the birth of the grand master” Antonia Dimitrova said.

The “Bulgarian Fame” Association is a non-profit private organization registered for public benefit in 2012. The association includes public figures, journalists, university lecturers, musicians, teachers in Bulgarian language and literature, ethnographers, jurists, physicians and culturologists, united by the idea to work for the objectives of “Bulgarian Fame”, i.e. assertion of Bulgarian culture and spirit, creation of conditions for preservation of the eternal Bulgarian values, promotion of the biggest Bulgarian achievements in all fields in Bulgaria and abroad.

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