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In the summer of 2015 we launched the first paid internship program of BDB, through which 17 youngsters have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the working atmosphere of the only state bank in the country. The program is extremely successful – two of the interns now hold a position with BDB. There was a significant interest towards the program – more than 300 candidates submitted their documents. Summer internship for students who have completed their third year is provided by four departments within the BDB: "Corporate Banking", "Loan Administration", "Operations and Customer Service" and "Legal".

Part of the first group of interns of the Bulgarian Development Bank are Doroteya (22 years old), Desislava (23 years old), Simona (23 years old) and Kristiyan (23 years old). They study at Bulgarian and foreign universities. Before applying for the bank internship, only Simona had heard more about BDB. “As part of my major (International Economic Relations at the UNWE), we studied about this type of bank institutions. After the internship at a trade bank last year, this year I wanted to try something different. I am happy that I was provided with such an opportunity” she said.
Doroteya and Kristiyan are interns in the “Corporate Banking” Division, and Desislava and Simona are with the “Legal” and “Credit Administration” Divisions. Every one of them is gaining knowledge both in the headquarters of the bank, and in the field.

„Here I am learning how to conduct financial analyses of an actual working company, how to study the sources of direct income in case the company is trying to hide something in order to maintain a better image before the bank. You can only learn things like this with practice, and BDB has made that possible for me. I have the opportunity to attend meetings with clients, I was even commissioned to a company to observe the production process and see for myself what a loan is granted and utilized for”, says Kristiyan.

Doroteya is highly impressed with the support she receives by her colleagues at the department. She explains that they have helped her a lot and have provided an answer to every single question or query that she has had. She notes how, after enquiring about a program for purchasing of municipal debts towards construction companies, she was provided with an opportunity to study such programs in details and even participate in a meeting with a potential client.
Out of all four interns, only Desislava is a jurist, not an economist. Asked why she has decided to take up an internship with a bank, she replies that law generally has a broad scope. “Actually, my dream is to become a judge. However, I believe that one should work with multiple companies to gain varied experience.”

All four interns unanimously agree that their one-month internship has passed very quickly – though they never really wanted it to end.

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