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BDB planted a grove in the Yuzhen Park for its upcoming anniversary

The initiative is related to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the bank

The team of the Bulgarian Development Bank planted 25 decorative saplings - Japanese cherry trees, cedars and ash trees in the Yuzhen Park. The eco-initiative is related to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the bank, which will be celebrated next March. Then the first blossoms of the beautiful cherry trees are expected to bloom.

This is BDB's third green action during the year in partnership with the "Green Systems" Directorate of Sofia Municipality, with which the banking group contributes to the beauty and improvement of the capital.

An important focus of BDB's activities is green policies and the financing of sustainable projects in order to support our economy for a faster transition to carbon neutrality. In fulfilling its role as a development bank, it creates incentives and eases access to financing of technological solutions and programmes for small and medium-sized companies in our country.

In line with its green vision, BDB strives to reduce its own impact on the environment. In the last year, the bank managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 105 tons compared to the previous year.

The eco-action with the young trees is part of its corporate social responsibility and contribution to increasing the "green lungs" of Sofia and turning it into a cleaner and more welcoming city.

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