The Bulgarian Development Bank supported the "Give a Book" Scholarship

Children in institutions generally live in isolation, but the pandemic has completely deprived them of contact with the outside world

We are used to taking our loved ones for granted, especially our parents. We expect them to be there for us when we are in need, sad or don't know what to do. To take care of us. But there are children for whom these feelings are unfamiliar because they have never had parents and family. Children in institutions generally live in isolation, but the pandemic has completely deprived them of contact with the outside world. Psychologists are adamant that this leads to an even greater loss of motivation to learn, to passivity, depression and aggressive behaviour.

However, in the case of such children, there are good people - like those from the Give a Book Foundation. Before the pandemic swept the world, they made monthly visits to orphanages across the country. The Foundation serves as a mediator between institutionalized children and the volunteers who are willing to give a piece of their time to become their mentors and friends. In this way, the children find that significant adult who supports and guides them, helping them feel significant and follow their dreams. Over the past 10 years, the NGO has created a network of over 500 actively engaged volunteers who support children in 18 institutions across the country. Volunteers help children with lessons, motivate them, and give them the opportunity for new and exciting experiences outside the home.

However, the pandemic has deprived children of these beloved encounters. Because of the emergency situation, the Give a Book Foundation created "The Scholarship"

This is a programme through which each of the children will have the opportunity, according to their abilities, to set a goal: for example, to learn the multiplication table or to reach A1 level in English. And then work online to achieve their goal with their mentor. Each child who completes the goal on time receives a reward - a BGN 100 grant. If they wish, they can then participate again with a different goal. To make the online activities run smoothly, Give a Book supports the homes with equipment and trains the children and staff how to use it.

With the support of the Bulgarian Development Bank, the Scholarship Programme will show children without parental care that they are not alone. We have joined in the good work to assist with the important steps in their lives. With our help, the program will help them set goals and meet them. And it will teach them that with perseverance, effort pays off.

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