Dunav Press prints pharmaceutical packaging using only green energy

The Dunav Press Printing House in Ruse is the successor of the first modern printing house created on Bulgarian soil before the Liberation. In 1864, the Ottoman Empire built four printing houses in Istanbul, Edirne, Thessaloniki and Ruse, laying the foundations for government printing.

Going through various forms of ownership and technical upgrading, the Ruse Printing House is now again one of the leading enterprises in Bulgaria, with the main focus being the production of cartons for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company is mainly active in the foreign market, with the percentage of export growing every year. In 2016, it was 20%, in 2017 - 60%, and in 2018 - over 70%. The printing house has also a license for the printing of securities such as shares, public transport and parking tickets, serving the needs of the Northeastern region of Bulgaria.With the help of European funding, Dunav Press has implemented projects to upgrade its fleet and improve its energy and resource processes.

It is also the first printing house in Bulgaria, which is ISO 9001 certified for an effective quality system and has two certificates confirming the company's commitment to environmental protection and energy efficiency - ISO 14001 and FSC and ISO 50001. It is one of few companies entirely using renewable energy from wind or solar power.

The investments in the last 3 years amount to EUR 5 million, for which the Bulgarian Development Bank has provided significant support."BDB has been our main bank for 5 years and it has been able to understand the essence of our business. On the one hand, the bank provides longer investment funding periods, which in some situations can be crucial. On the other, it offers specialized flexible solutions such as overdraft facility, which the company can drawdown without any additional administrative burdens", emphasizes the advantages of BDB Nikolai Aleksiev, CEO of Dunav Press.

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