Kefir and mozzarella near the Zemen Monastery

Zemeneya is one of the established Bulgarian dairy farms. It offers traditional dairy products, but is constantly expanding its range, with kefir, mozzarella and squash being among the new produce.

Its processing capacity is 4 tons of milk a day.

Behind today's dairy success lies a long-standing partnership with the Bulgarian Development Bank. Before receiving support from the bank, Zemeneya’s owner, Vasil Nikolov, applied for funding under European programs, but the subsidy was delayed and all his property was declared for sale by a bailiff.

"At this critical moment, BDB found potential in my business," says the entrepreneur.

His loan was fully refinanced under excellent conditions. Today, Nikolov has success in Bulgaria and in foreign markets, and the farm near the Zemen Monastery welcomes thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

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