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Sports, movies, music, news and, of course, kids channels. We can hardly imagine life today without the TV channels whose programs take us to different points in time and space.

Just over 10 years ago, two entrepreneurs turned one regional TV provider into a leading television operator with nearly 800,000 subscribers and revenue of EUR 80 million. Bulsatcom managed to establish itself in a competitive market and even launched the first Bulgarian satellite to increase its broadcast programs and subscribers.

However, the rapid expansion and large-scale new projects, including a mobile operator's license, led to debt accumulation. Therefore, in 2019 the company went for restructuring, which helped it attract about BGN 60 million for stabilization and investments.

The lenders, among which BDB, the Blantyre Capital undervalued assets fund, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, become shareholders in the new structure. One of the conditions in the deal was to keep 2000 jobs. Bulsatcom can now stabilize its business and its customers are guaranteed to continue to receive quality service.

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