Potential and priority areas

Potential and priority areas

By area, the Three Seas countries represent almost a third of the European Union with a total of 111 million European citizens. The region is characterized by stability and dynamic development. It is an attractive investment location as it generates high GDP and has stable indicators. In order to realize the huge potential of the Three Seas countries, the initiative promotes cooperation in the following priority areas:

  • Energy connectivity and security, creating an effective and competitive energy market enabling participants to choose their providers;
  • Developing digital infrastructure, creating intelligent solutions for data exchange and more efficient use of information;
  • Transport connectivity, which overcomes the time-established model of building connections only with the industrial centers of Western Europe and ignoring those in the north-south axis. Developing logistical links between individual countries will facilitate trade and contribute to growth and opening to new markets;
  • Above average economic growth and higher return rates to make the region more attractive for investment;
  • Stability, effective protection and tackling common economic and geopolitical challenges, achieving common climate goals for the transition to green economy, transport and energy.

The Three Seas Initiative has the potential to create a new model for the development of Central and Eastern Europe following the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming the effects in some key sectors.


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