успешни проекти

Successful projects

A flight within your means

With a loan from BDB, licensed air carrier FLY2SKY plans to expand its business by purchasing airplanes instead of leasing them.

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We think big and we build roads

With the financial support of the Bank, highways, new and rehabilitated roads from the national road network are being built.

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Dunav Press prints pharmaceutical packaging using only green energy

The investments in the last 3 years amount to EUR 5 million, for which the Bulgarian Development Bank has provided significant support."BDB has been our main bank for 5 years and it has been able to understand the essence of our business.

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The IT dreams that have come true

With the support of the Bank, the growth of new clients from Switzerland, USA and UK continues. For the period of the loan agreement, the Holding expects a significant increase in its revenues from an original HR management product developed by them.

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Let's switch to the next channel

Sports, movies, music, news and, of course, kids channels. We can hardly imagine life today without the TV channels whose programs take us to different points in time and space.

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Mussel fantasies near Kavarna

The Dalboka Mussel Farm is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. In 1994 Veselin Prokopiev submerged the first mussels underwater, and a year later they were already about 30 tons.

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