Investment Fund

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is the economic dimension of the initiative and an investment vehicle to finance projects in the Three Seas region. Its co-founders are the development banks of the countries involved in the project.

The fund will amount to EUR 5 billion and is expected to generate investments totaling up to EUR 100 billion. The main objective of the fund is to invest in transport, energy and digital infrastructure on the north-south axis and to offset the differences in the development of the individual regions of the European Union. Its role is to complement and strengthen the capital deployment of individual Three Seas countries and European Union financial instruments. The fund is a commercial and market driven initiative that will grant a diversified investment and an attractive return to the investors.

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BDB joins the "Three Seas" Initiative Investment Fund as a shareholder

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) completed the procedure for accession to the "Three Seas" Initiative Investment Fund and is now officially a class A shareholder with a cash contribution of EUR 20 million. The BDB’s accession to the fund implements a Ruling by the Council of Ministers of 2 September 2020.

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Investment Advisor

Amber Infrastructure Group (Amber) is the exclusive investment advisor of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. Amber is a specialist international investment manager focused on investment origination, asset management and fund management.

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