Iliana Tsanova, Deputy Managing Director of EFSI: Development banks are catalyst for investments in different sectors

Iliana Tsanova, Deputy Managing Director of EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investments): Development Banks are...

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Gerassimos Thomas: Bulgaria is the top 3 country in the absorption of the Investment Plan for Europe funds

Interview with the EFSI chairman - Marta Mladenova for “Horizont”, Bulgarian National Radio

See more ➔ 18.04.2018

Jeoffrey Smith: The partnership between commercial and development banks is of the utmost importance

Interview with the managing director of ING "Financing of infrastructure" with Marta Mladenova for the "Horizont" radio...

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Stoyan Mavrodiev: It is time for hybrid financing of infrastructure projects

"We need to think on a large scale and across borders," said in its opening remarks the Chairman and CEO of the...

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Development Banks from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans will cooperate to develop the infrastructure in the region

This is the first international forum organized by the Bulgarian Development Bank with the intention of becoming a...

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BDB gathered leading European financiers, bankers and politicians at the forum "Infrastructure for Growth“.

The main topic of the Infrastructure for Growth Forum, organized by the Bulgarian Development Bank on 17 April 2018 in...

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"Jobs" MFI will support entrepreneurs from the founder Institute in need of funding

The third edition of the biggest training program for start-up companies in Bulgaria was completed.

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NGF and МFI "JOBS" will offer new products for business start-up and high technologies

New investment products for micro-enterprises and start-ups are planned by the subsidiaries of the Bulgarian Development...

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Fitch Ratings has updated the rating of the Bulgarian Development Bank to “BBB” with a stable outlook

The international rating agency Fitch Ratings has upgraded Bulgarian Development Bank’s Long-Term Issuer Default Rating...

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Sophia Kassidova: "Investments in equity and infrastructure are the new instruments and products of BDB"

Sophia Kassidova, the financial policy and strategy advisor to the Bulgarian Development Bank in a public comment for...

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BDB expands its operations by financing project investments

Българската народна банка (БНБ) одобри промените в Устава на Българската банка за развитие (ББР), които бяха приети с...

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BDB became a co-founder of an Inter-Bank аssociation between banks from Central and Eastern Europe and China

An agreement for establishment of Inter-Bank Association between the countries from CEE and China was signed during the...

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