BDB will support the transition to a green economy

The Bulgarian Development Bank is ready to direct a financial resource towards green projects and innovations related to...

See more ➔ 30.01.2020

Stoyan Mavrodiev: BDB will invest at least 15% of its loan portfolio in environmental projects

As a national development bank, BDB plans to invest at least 15% of its loan portfolio in energy-saving and...

See more ➔ 15.01.2020

Pascal Lagarde: The priorities of InvestEU will be digitalization, environmental projects and energy links

Digitalization, environmental projects and energy links are the top three priorities for the new investment program...

See more ➔ 29.11.2019

Eva Witt: The Bulgarian Development Bank is a great long-term partner of KfW

"We have a wonderful long-standing cooperation with the Bulgarian Development Bank. We have signed two loans - in 2010...

See more ➔ 28.11.2019

Marc Bartolli: The new financial framework InvestEU will succeed and upgrade the Juncker Plan

The new European financial framework InvestEU, which is to become effective from the beginning of the next programming...

See more ➔ 27.11.2019

Hubert Cottogni: Bulgarian Development Bank is a leader in investing in social programs

The new financial framework the European Investment Fund (EIF) will be able to benefit from for venture capital...

See more ➔ 26.11.2019

BDB welcomes in Sofia representatives of 26 European financial institutions

Increasing the role of the financial instruments during the new program period 2021-2027 and the business development of...

See more ➔ 25.10.2019

Nikolay Dimitrov: Within a month, the Capital Investment Fund will present its first deal

The first transaction of the BDB Capital Investment Fund will be presented within a month. This was announced by the...

See more ➔ 26.09.2019

A software company expands its business with the support of MFI Jobs at BDB

The Jobs microfinance institution within the Bulgarian Development Bank Group has provided investment financing for the...

See more ➔ 16.09.2019

Bulgarian Development Bank marks a 20% growth of its profit for the first half of 2019

The Bulgarian Development Bank Group reported a profit of BGN 18.3 million for the first six months of 2019. The...

See more ➔ 24.07.2019

Stoyan Mavrodiev: The Bulgarian Development Bank is ready to join the InvestEU Programme

14 financial instruments shall be merged in the next multiannual financial framework of the EC under the name InvestEU.

See more ➔ 18.06.2019

The Bulgarian Development Bank will launch a platform for co-financing of projects from the region

A web-based platform will enable development banks from the region to present their projects in different areas and to...

See more ➔ 17.06.2019
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