BDB has been nominated for the best impact on small and medium businesses

Bulgarian Development Bank is a finalist in the nominations for the 2017 bank awards of the prestigious European...

See more ➔ 28.11.2017

Bulgarian Development Bank approves all ten banks, applied for participation in the “Junker” plan program

Bulgarian Development Bank has approved 10 banks for partners under the framework of its new on-lending program under...

See more ➔ 03.10.2017

BDB has negotiated EUR 50 million from China Exim Bank

Bulgarian Development Bank will receive an EUR 50 million loan from the China Exim Bank to finance the Bulgarian...

See more ➔ 28.09.2017

The Executive Director of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) Bilian Balev talked to Darik Radio

There are no quality Bulgarian projects under the "Juncker" Plan. The financial institution is the only bank in the...

See more ➔ 08.06.2017

Top bankers are discussing the "Juncker" plan in Sofia

The CEOs of some of the most influential banks in Europe working in the field of public-private investment, gathered in...

See more ➔ 07.06.2017

The European Fund for Strategic Investments extends the funding areas

The EC increased the fund's capital by additional EUR 12.5 billion

See more ➔ 07.06.2017

Angel Geкov and Philippe Mills opened the EAPB General Assembly in Sofia

The President of the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) Philippe Mills and the Chairman of the Management Board...

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Public Banks’ High Level Representatives Meet with EC Delegate to Discuss Opportunities and Results of the European Commission Investment Plan for Eur

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Bulgarian Development Bank reported a profit of BGN 44.9 Mil. for 2016

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) reported a profit of BGN 44.9 Mil. for 2016, accounting to an increase of BGN 6.2...

See more ➔ 30.05.2017

BDB contracted EUR 80 million loan from the China Development Bank

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) has negotiated EUR 80 million from the China Development Bank (CDB) to finance...

See more ➔ 12.05.2017

Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Angarski entered the Supervisory Board of BDB

The financier Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Angarski was elected as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian...

See more ➔ 06.03.2017

Fitch confirmed the credit rating of the Bulgarian Development Bank

Международната рейтингова агенция “Фич Рейтингс” потвърди кредитния рейтинг на Българска банка за развитие (ББР) и той...

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