Bulgarian Development Bank launching a new programme for indirect microfunding

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) is launching a new initiative for indirect microfunding supported by the European...

See more ➔ 29.10.2015

KfW officially confirmed its interest in financing BDB for the National Energy Efficiency Program

Bulgarian development bank (BDB) and the KfW, the German promotional bank, officially signed a Letter of intent for...

See more ➔ 12.10.2015

EIF secures the Bulgarian Development Bank as additional investor for its Social Impact Accelerator Initiative

The European Investment Fund (EIF) has secured the Bulgarian Bank of Development (BDB) as additional investor for its...

See more ➔ 04.08.2015

BDB negotiated EUR 5 million with EIF for financing micro-enterprises

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) has negotiated a loan of EUR 5 million from the European Investment Fund under the...

See more ➔ 03.08.2015

The Council of Europe Development Bank decides to provide to BDB EUR 150 million under the Housing Renovation Programme

The Administrative Council of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) has approved a credit line in the amount of...

See more ➔ 02.07.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank Has Launched Two-Month Apprenticeship Programme for Students

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) has launched two-month paid apprenticeship programme.The financial institution seeks to...

See more ➔ 11.06.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank Awarded the Winners in the Campaign the Big Small

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) presented its award within the campaign to support the small and medium business The...

See more ➔ 10.06.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank Supports the Campaign Scientific Wonders of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) supports the campaign Scientific Wonders of Bulgaria organised by Standard Newspaper...

See more ➔ 03.06.2015

Ministry of Finance Issued Declaration of Support of Bulgarian Development Bank

See more ➔ 26.05.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank Closer to the Business in Vratsa and Montana

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) opens up representations in the cities of Vratsa and Montana. Thus it plans to enhance...

See more ➔ 22.04.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank and International Investment Bank are to jointly finance business projects

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) and International Investment Bank (IIB) are beginning to co-finance projects of...

See more ➔ 31.03.2015

BDB announced a new program for low-interest rate loans through commercial banks for small and medium-size businesses

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) has launched a new funding program for small and medium-sized companies through the...

See more ➔ 18.03.2015
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