3SIIF makes its first direct investment in Bulgaria

The investment fund “Three Seas” acquired a significant share in BMF Port Burgas

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The Three Seas Investment Fund and the US DFC have agreed to fund up to $300 million

The investment needs in this region are crucial for the EU cohesion, its continued economic growth and improved...

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The National Guarantee Fund starts its first program for guarantees of leasing deals of small and medium-sized businesses

The National Guarantee Fund, part of the group of the Bulgarian Development Bank, has started a specialized scheme for...

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BDB organizes the conference “Three Seas: Equity Investment in Infrastructure and Innovation”

Today, the Bulgarian Development Bank, together with the Three Seas Investment Fund (3SIIF) and the investment...

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Tsanko Arabadzhiev: The BDB’s big goal is to play an impactful role in the acceleration of the transition to green energy

The first step that the financial institute will make towards that goal is increasing the knowledge of BDB’s experts...

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Mariana Petkova is BDB’s new Chairperson of the Management Board

Bulgarian Development Bank has a new Chairperson of the Management Board and Executive Director. Mariana Petkova has...

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Innovation Academy held with BDB’s support

BDB provided support for the realization of the students’ ideas, and the partnership with the bank lead to the creation...

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Tsanko Arabadzhiev: We have a BGN 20 million profit in the first quarter

“The situation at the BDB has normalized completely, we are actively working to fulfill the goals of the bank.”

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Valentin Mihov: Our goal at BDB is to make the system work

BDB as a bank has only granted loans to 64 clients in the 2017-2020 period.

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Bulgarian Development Bank made an operating profit of BGN 19.5 million in the first quarter of 2022

Bulgarian Development Bank reported a net profit of BGN 19.5 million in the first quarter of the year

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BDB to hold meetings with the business in May

See more ➔ 03.05.2022

BDB presented the government policies for support of green investments

The strategic goal of BDB is to be the Bulgarian bank for sustainable development

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