BDB extends application deadlines under its guarantee programs in support of individuals and businesses

The Council of Ministers has approved an extension to the application deadline under BDB’s interest-free loan guarantee...

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BDB will mobilize another BGN 1.7 billion from the European budget for SME recovery and development

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) officially stated to the European Commission that it wishes to attract additional...

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Iliya Lingorski: “The success of Three Seas will make Europe the largest and most developed economy in the world.”

The success of the Three Seas initiative will turn Europe and the EU sustainably into the largest and most developed...

See more ➔ 09.06.2021

The "Three Seas" investment fund makes its first investment with assets in Bulgaria - a solar energy project

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF), in which Bulgarian Development Bank is an investor, has acquired...

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Amendments to the Articles of Association of BDB

On June 2, 2021, the Bulgarian Development Bank received minutes from the Minister of Economy dated June 1, 2021, which...

See more ➔ 02.06.2021

BDB has provided the requested information to the Audit Committee

The Governing Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank has provided detailed financial information to the members of the...

See more ➔ 01.06.2021

Over BGN 5.6 billion for 18,500 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the BDB Group for the past 11 years

Since 2009, when it was transformed into a development bank, the BDB Group has supported 18,500 Bulgarian companies. Of...

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Joe Phillips for the first investments in the "Three Seas" initiative in an interview with BNT

Joe Phillips, Investment Director at Amber Infrastructure Group, exclusive investment advisor to the Three Seas Fund in...

See more ➔ 25.05.2021

Joe Phillips: Bulgarian companies are already showing interest with port projects

Joe Phillips, Head of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund, talks to "Capital"

See more ➔ 25.05.2021

BDB starts market consultations on participation in InvestEU

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) has started working on structuring two new guarantee products under the EU program...

See more ➔ 20.05.2021

BDB hosted a conference on the financing opportunities by the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) presented the funding opportunities by the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund...

See more ➔ 19.05.2021

Position of Bulgarian Development Bank

Българска банка за развитие осъществява дейността си в съответствие със Закона за ББР и Устава на ББР, както и извършва...

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