Fitch affirmed the credit rating of the Bulgarian Development Bank

The international rating agency "Fitch Ratings" affirmed the credit ratings of Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). The...

See more ➔ 09.03.2015

Bulgarian Development Bank joins CEIBG

Bulgarian Development Bank has joined the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG) as a member....

See more ➔ 23.01.2015

The National Guarantee Fund has provided support for more than 400 beneficiaries under the Rural Development Program

Ever since the guarantee scheme under the Rural Development Program was open for applications up until the end of 2014...

See more ➔ 21.01.2015

The Supervisory Board of Bulgariant Development Bank Made Changes in the Management

The Supervisory Board made changes in the operational management of Bulgarian Development Bank AD (BDV). Angel Gekov and...

See more ➔ 12.12.2014

Photo exhibition with authentic photos of BDB’s building opened today

A photo exhibition with archive photos of the building of Bulgarian Development Bank was opened today in the central...

See more ➔ 13.10.2014

Bulgarian Development Bank increases its profits by 35% for the first nine months of the year

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) increased its net profit for the first nine months of 2014 by 35% against the same...

See more ➔ 08.10.2014

BDB General Meeting of Shareholders Elects New Supervisory Board

Dimitar Dimitrov, Kiril Ananiev and Atanas Katsarchev were elected to the Supervisory Board of Bulgarian Development...

See more ➔ 01.10.2014

Builder selected for BDB’s new building in the city center of Sofia

BDB’s Management Board selected the contractor for Phase 2 of the project for construction of the bank’s administrative...

See more ➔ 11.09.2014

The mathematics students from the Sofia Math School won 4 gold medals at a math competition in South Korea

The Sofia Math School (SMS) team won 8 medals at the Korea International Math Competition. The team ranked third of a...

See more ➔ 25.07.2014

A New Supervisory Board Was Elected at a Regular General Meeting of the BDB Shareholders

Prof. Nikolay Nenovski, Denitsa Kirova and Emil Karanikolov are the three new members of the Supervisory Board of the...

See more ➔ 17.07.2014

The Bulgarian Development Bank will continue to grant loans to the small and medium businesses

A false claim has been circulated repeatedly in the past 48 hours that the potential involvement of the Bulgarian...

See more ➔ 24.06.2014

BSTDB Provides Technical Assistance to the Bulgarian Development Bank

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) signed a Technical Assistance Agreement with the Bulgarian Development Bank...

See more ➔ 26.05.2014
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