BDB’s new products were presented at the Forum “Responsible Manufacturers”

The goal of BDB is not to compete with other banks for clients, but to support sectors that are experiencing problems

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Vladimir Georgiev to the “24 Chasa” newspaper: BDB will help the business to overcome the crisis

Regarding the launch of several new products by BDB, Vladimir Georgiev stressed that they are aimed at sectors and...

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Zhivko Todorov took part in an international conference dedicated to joint audit

The event was organized by the Commission of Public Oversight of Statutory Auditors

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BDB to help firms against rising inflation

With the working capital loans, companies can buy goods and raw materials that are expected to rise in price as a result...

See more ➔ 06.04.2022

The BDB to collaborate with the National Research and Certification Institute to support Bulgarian rose processors

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Business Honoris Causa Award for the Bank's social commitment

At an official ceremony, the Bulgarian Development Bank was awarded the "Business Honoris Causa" Award

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A regional digital service centre could be built in Bulgaria with support from the Three Seas Investment Fund

"The success of such investments will attract even more private companies to participate in the Three Seas Fund,"...

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BDB supports the campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine

he Bank expresses its sympathy for the plight of people in need of support at this difficult time.

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BDB supported a study of the technology sector in Sofia

The technology sector employs nearly 34 thousand people, whose average wage is 3.4 times higher than the national...

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BDB to support businesses against rising electricity prices

See more ➔ 18.02.2022

BDB presented the current funding programs for startups and SMEs in the beamUp lab program

The Bulgarian Development Bank was once again part of the beamUp lab programme for stimulating and promoting the growth...

See more ➔ 10.02.2022

BDB to support creative industries and start-ups on even better terms

Self-financing requirements have been reduced to a minimum and applications for the bank's revamped EIF-guaranteed...

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